TOMMIE - A better alternative to MS Outlook

Just recently it seems everyone's talking about 'The Cloud' and how it's better for business. The Cloud, the say, is the future. Well we agree so much so that we have been cloud computing ourselves for 6 years already, helping customers of all sorts realise the benefits.

For companies seeking the business functionality that 'free' services cannot offer, or for those needing a real alternative to Outlook, with much greater flexibility and much lower costs, we've created a fast start, low cost solution that's perfect for SMEs.

TOMMIE stands for Total Office Management Made Incredibly Easy. It's a web application that's actually a whole suite of powerful office management tools you can access from your desktop, laptop or mobile.

Share your diary and contacts, book holiday time, organise meetings, record tasks and memos, arrange email reminders, do your expenses and fill in your timesheets online. That's just the start - you'll love the detail and the superb back office management reporting features.

And because the system is web based, everything's done with live data in real time, stored safely offsite in the Cloud. There's no syncing to worry about, no special software needed, no training necessary. It's fast, powerful and intuitive. Easy!

Visit the TOMMIE website now for a FREE 30 Day Trial.

TOMMIE - Total Office Management Made Incredibly Easy
TOMMIE - Total Office Management Made Incredibly Easy
Click here for a FREE 30 day trial

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