The best Cloud business solution yet!

We hate waste. Our customers hate waste too. Time and money so easily disappear on cumbersome, expensive, traditional office management software. Expensive to buy, hard to configure, tricky to maintain . . . it shouldn't and doesn't have to be that way.

Our company saw the potential of Cloud computing services many years ago. What if people could run their business from home, the airport, or abroad, in exactly the same way as if they were sitting in their office? What if they could use the same system, with the same interface and functionality, whether they were at their desk or out and about? And what if organisations never had to worry about backups, or whether the latest software update had been done?

Our vision was not just limited to solving the problems of a shared office diary, or a facility to book meeting rooms (though our solutions in both are class-leading). Our vision extended to simplifying all the stuff that staff and managers have to do on a daily or weekly basis stuff that usually costs organisations so much more than they realise. So we integrated timesheets with cost centres, holidays with allowances, expenses with approvers and so on. And we gave bosses brilliant management reporting tools, so they could see what was going on in their businesses. All in an intuitive, logical way. And all up in the Cloud.

More and people are getting what the Cloud offers. Even those initially unsure now recognise that they've been using Cloud (or SaaS) services for many years anyway, even if only via their Gmail or Yahoo! Accounts.

A flimsy or unreliable system is a false economy. TOMMIE Systems develops online solutions that are solid and reliable, offering all the convenience of 'anytime, anywhere' access and the data storage pragmatism of Cloud computing.

Sooner rather than later, the Cloud will cover all our working lives to some extent. Right now, we believe TOMMIE offers small and medium sized organisations the best Cloud business solution yet.

  • Productivity tools for staff and managers
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Your key data backed up offsite
  • No expensive hardware or software
  • No system updates required
  • It's all in the Cloud!

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