SaaS - Business Applications for SME and SMB

The category of software known as 'SaaS' has been growing spectacularly for a while now, way before 'The Cloud' got big. And not surprisingly. SaaS ('Software as a Service') has massive appeal for companies fed up with bulky, expensive software and who are looking for fast-start, low-cost, zero maintenance alternatives.

Old school software giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Adobe are all investing huge amounts in developing their products to run on the web, frantically chasing young upstarts such as Google and Yahoo! who have shown the way . . . and companies like TOMMIE Systems Limited, who have the creativity and agility to build and launch stunning SaaS business apps like TOMMIE that are attracting so much interest.

Why? Well, imagine the needs of a small business. Do the owners really want to spend time and money buying, configuring, maintaining and then upgrading IT systems? Not if they can help it.

Now they have a choice. Thanks to TOMMIE, businesses can run all their essential office admin using just a web browser and an internet connection. The ideal business app for SMBs, TOMMIE is a SaaS application that also works on the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and Windows Mobile devices. And you don't need Exchange Server or any other expensive and burdensome Microsoft application!

TOMMIE is ideal for SMEs and is a great productivity tool for staff and even better for managers.

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  • No hardware or software to buy
  • Pay as you go
  • No IT director
  • Data stored in the Cloud
  • No worries!

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